ORCAS Research Scientist to Present Lungtropolis and Asthma Self-Management

The Forum 12

ORCAS Research Scientist Susan Schroeder, MPH, MCHES, PMP will present some of the latest techniques in asthma self-management at the upcoming The Forum 12 event Oct. 18, 2012, in Atlanta, Ga. Schroeder’s presentation, “Development and Evaluation of an Online Asthma Self-Management Game for Children,” will highlight the asthma game ORCAS offers on Lungtropolis.com.

Lungtropolis uses health behavior-change theory in an interactive, web-based game to help children ages 5-10 learn to control their asthma. The ORCAS asthma game was created in collaboration with the American Lung Association to give children and their parents a resource that provides valuable information and guidance about asthma management.

Ms. Schroeder’s session will discuss how the game’s design helps achieve desired outcomes, as well as the following:

The rationale for the creation of an online game to promote asthma self-management in children.

The combination of theoretically based messaging and instructional design with game mechanics to enhance the learning experience.

An analysis of a randomized controlled trial that was conducted with a national sample of 311 parent-child pairs, which helps prove the efficacy of such an intervention.

With the prevalence of chronic conditions on the rise, innovative thinking is a must in light of the constraints placed on health care spending and the emphasis on accountability and performance created by policymakers. Ms. Schroeder’s presentation at The Forum 12 will demonstrate how Lungtropolis offers a creative solution to a complex problem in population health management.


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